In my last email I told you about a student pilot who needed to find a flight school fast when his school closed days after his first solo.

He was based in Los Angeles and there were plenty of airports and schools nearby. Despite the L.A. traffic, he was willing to drive up a couple of hours for the right school, ideally one with a G1000 equipped DA40 like the one he had just soloed.

Google seemed to be the obvious place to start, but immediately we ran into problems. We found results across the country for schools flying DA40s. We found results across the country for schools flying G1000 equipped aircraft. And we found results for local flight schools.

Here’s the thing, we struggled to find a list of local schools flying G1000 equipped DA40s.

Finding the right flight school is hard, even if you know what you’re looking for.

Obviously there was only one thing left to do.

Next time I’ll let you know how that turned out! Read the previous emails here.

In the meantime, help motivated customers find your flight school. Just follow the link in the email we sent you, or email us to request a new one.

Antoni Deighton

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