In my recent emails, I shared how helping a friend search for a flight school to complete their training made me realize there had to be a better way to help flight schools connect with clients.

The fact is, without an easily searchable directory of verified and active flight schools, people who are willing and able to invest the time and money in learning to fly are giving up on their childhood dream of learning to fly.

The most motivated students are looking for the most information about potential schools, which is why adding more details to your listing will get you the best possible clients.

Your personalized directory listing gives you the tools you need to connect with the students that are most likely to complete their training.

Personalizing your directory listing takes just fifteen minutes and is still FREE. Just follow the link in the email we sent you, or email us to request a new one.

If you missed the earlier emails (or want to reread them) you can find them here.

Antoni Deighton

P.S. Imagine spending less time behind your desk completing paperwork and more time sharing your passion for flying with clients. I started FlightRepublic to help flight school owners just like you simplify your operations so you can focus on what you do best. Discover the different ways we can help your school.

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