Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

Do you know who your secondary customers are?

Many years ago I was friends with someone who was very keen to become a helicopter pilot. She was married to a work colleague of my wife, and every time we met socially we spent the evening talking about flying.

Here’s the thing … despite being knowledgable about aviation and prepared to take lessons she never fulfilled her dream of becoming a pilot because her husband was terrified of flying.

Joey Coleman, author of Never Lose a Customer Again, calls these influencers the secondary customers. They can be spouses, parents or kids. And while most businesses are good at identifying “decision makers” and addressing their concerns, we’re not so good acknowledging the other people involved in the purchase decision.

For an activity like learning to fly, that is long, expensive and time consuming, the support of secondary customers is critical to a student’s success.

Do you have a good way to make sure they are onboard? Hit reply and let me know how you address these secondary customers and make sure they are supporting your students goals.