Thursday, August 31st, 2023

Getting off the bus

Recently, while visiting a new city with my family, we booked a tour on an open-topped double-decker bus.

It was great. The tour guide was informative and funny (my 11-year old is still repeating some of the jokes we heard). And we enjoyed learning about the city and its history.

But I was most impressed when I was getting off the bus. As we ended the tour, the guide handed each passenger a printed card. On it he had filled in his name and that of the driver.

When I looked at the card there were scannable QR codes linking to the tour company’s pages on Google and Yelp, along with recommended hashtags.

Here’s the thing, the tour was great, but it’s unlikely I would have taken the time to write a review.

By making it easier for your customers to give you a positive review the more likely your school will rise in the search-engine results.

Imagine how your business might grow if your instructors handed out a similar card after each intro flight?

Better yet, seal the deal and convert them from intro flight to student pilot by offering them a discount off their first lesson if they actually follow through and write a review. (Of course they don’t get the discount if they don’t write the review or schedule a follow-up flight.)

You can create a QR code simply by using free software that’s available online.

I want to see your flight school succeed. If you need help, send me an email or call me and I’ll be happy to talk you through it (or create the QR code and layout a card for you).

We all benefit when general aviation grows, so if you have a creative idea to do something similar please share it with our community.