Friday, January 12th, 2024

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Over the break I’ve been analyzing our directory data and there are some numbers in the listings that may surprise you.

For instance, almost sixty percent (60%) of US flight schools are based at an airport shared with another flight school.

Perhaps more surprising is that eighteen percent (18%) of all US flight schools––a total of 371 schools including those in Puerto Rico and Guam––are based just 54 airports nationwide.

That’s right! About one fifth of all flight training activity takes place at 54 airports, which means there’s an average of almost seven flight schools at each of those airports!

If you think that’s dramatic, almost five percent of all flight schools––that’s about 1-in-20––are based at just eight airports.

If you’re curious, those eight airports are (in alphabetical order):

FRG – Republic Airport, in New York
FXE – Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, in Florida

LGB – Long Beach (Daugherty Field), in California
MYF – Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport, in California
PDK – Dekalb-Peachtree Airport, in Georgia
SDL – Scottsdale Airport, in Arizona
VNY – Van Nuys Airport, in California

VGT – North Las Vegas Airport, in Nevada

And the three California airports listed are home to 36 (or 37.5%) of the total of 96 schools at those eight airports. That means almost two percent of all flight schools in the country are based at just three airports.

Here’s the thing … It takes a team of people to validate this data.

So, if you want to see more data like this, help us keep the information in the directory accurate and up-to-date. It takes just one click every 90-days for you to verify your flight school. When was the last time you verified your school? If it’s been more than 90-days, verify your school now!