Monday, September 25th, 2023

Word of mouth

If you have customers, they are talking about their experience doing business with you.
For local businesses in an established and well-defined industry like flight training, positive word of mouth can supplement or even replace time-consuming and expensive marketing efforts.
But no marketing budget can outpace rapid and uncontrolled word of mouth. Bud Light, anyone?
In 2010, AOPA released the original Flight Training Experience Survey. I have identified three simple things from it that all flight schools can do to best fulfill their customers’ needs:
1. Clarity: make sure customers understand what is involved during each step of their training, and the approximate amount of time it takes to complete each phase. Keep them informed of their progress at each step of their journey to becoming a pilot.
2. Community: forge a support system so that customers can help each other through the tough times, and together celebrate the highlights. Don’t forget to include your customers’ families, since students will need that support at home as well.
3. Value: don’t confuse value with cutting costs. Instead meet their needs. For instance if weather delays are an issue, provide a desk, free wifi and coffee so your customers can continue to work or study during the downtime.
If you need help simplifying your operations so you can spend more time with customers, FlightRepublic has tools to help flight schools like yours build great customer experiences while saving time and money running their operations.