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Get insights from real data

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Have you been frustrated by

Customers who abandon their flight training?

Data that leaves you confused?

Doubt about your ability to run a flight school?

Time spent completing records for the FAA& TSA?

Money wasted on marketing that doesn’t work?

Worry about the future of general aviation?

You didn’t start this business to sit behind a desk.

Don’t be held back. You were designed for more.

Take back control of your operations

Feel more confident

Get real insights from your data that helps you understand what your clients are looking for and simplify your decisions.

Engage with your clients

Share your love for flying. Use your experience as a pilot to motivate and retain your clients to complete their training with real-time data driven insights.

Grow your business

Watch your business grow when enthusiastic clients become raving fans and share their experiences with potential customers on social media.

Up to 80% of students abandon their training*

We think it’s terrible that so many people give up their dreams of learning to fly. Since 2015 we’ve been dedicated to helping flight schools discover why clients are quitting.

¹”The Flight Training Experience: A survey of students, pilots, and instructors,” 2010, APCO Insight for AOPA


Help clients go beyond fulfilling a dream and discover their mission through flying


Make the goal attainable by clarifying the process and how to achieve it


We help schools assimilate clients into the broader aviation community

For your clients, it’s not just about money. It’s also about engagement.

Dispatch flights with FlightRepublic and watch your school grow

1. Dispatch aircraft

Dispatch flights simply and easily with our cutting-edge predictive algorithms.

2. Get insights

Understand and respond to our clients’ needs with our real-time data and feedback.

3. Graduate more pilots

Help your clients find their purpose through flying and realize their dreams.

You’re not going to let GA die. Not while you have a flight school.

With eighty percent of student pilots abandoning their training, owners worry about the future of their flight schools. FlightRepublic’s system to graduate more pilots gives schools the tools they need to keep clients engaged and grow the pilot population.

At FlightRepublic we know you want to be a champion for general aviation. In order to do that you need a process to graduate more pilots. The problem is eighty percent of students abandon their training, which makes you feel like you’re unable to share your passion. We believe it shouldn’t be so hard teaching people to fly. We understand what it feels like to worry about the future of general aviation, which is why since 2015 we’ve been dedicated to helping flight schools understand why customers are quitting.

Here’s how we do it: dispatch your aircraft with FlightRepublic’s web app, use real-time data to discover your clients’ needs, graduate more pilots by helping your pilots set goals, finding their purpose through flying and realizing their dreams.

So start your demo now. And in the meantime, download 5 Reasons 80% of Student Pilots Abandon Their Training. So you can stop spending time and money looking for new customers and instead focus on sharing your passion for flight and realizing your clients’ dreams.

What’s my investment?

How much is your student pilot dropout rate costing you? How many potential clients are you losing because they aren’t engaged in their training?

How many of your students are struggling to find the reason they should be flying?

How many people are giving up on their dream of learning to fly because they’re confused by your process?

Can new clients understand why you’re the best flight school for them?

The thing is, a lack of engagement may already be costing you a great deal.

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We are waiving setup fees until June 30, 2023. 


Help customers find your flights school with a free listing in our dedicated flight school directory

  • Just for flight schools
  • Fully searchable
  • Listings are verified and regularly updated
  • Bonus tips for engaging with clients


We are waiving setup fees until June 30, 2023. 


per transaction

Simplify your operations and engage with your customers with real-time data driven insights

Everything in Private plus

  • Simple Digital dispatch via mobile phone
  • Accurate and portable lectronic pilot records
  • Secure invoicing and payment
  • Quickbooks™ integration
  • Focus on sharing your passion for flight


We are waiving setup fees until June 30, 2023. 


per month
(+ 2.49% transaction fee)

The most complete customer-engagement solution to help you graduate more pilots

Everything in ‘Commercial’ plus

  • Custom analysis of your data
  • Coaching to understand and maximize your client engagement
  • Full featured marketing support to deliver a consistent and clear message 

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Keep your operations simple!

We know you want to be a champion for aviation. We're more than a directory. Helping flight schools succeed is the core of our mission. Find out how we help flight school owners like you graduate more pilots.

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