What is FlightRepublic?

FlightRepublic helps people like you realize their dream of learning to fly. Discover what kind of aircraft you want to fly, how to plan your flight training and choose a school using the free articles and media on our website. Find the perfect school in our directory of verified active flight schools track your training progress with partner schools using our app.

How do I find a school near me?

Enter your zip code, city or state in the search box in our directory and find flight schools near you. Filter search results with a variety of choices designed to help you find the perfect training provider for your flying journey.

How can I save a favorite school to favorites?

To save a school to your favorites, click the Save this school button at the top right of the cover picture. If you haven’t already saved a school, you will be prompted to enter your email so you can login and visit your bookmarked schools later.

How do I view my saved schools?

Can you help me choose a school?

How do I contact a school?

How do I schedule a flight?

How can I track my training progress?

How do I review my flight currency?

How do I set up a pilot file?

Why do I need to set up an account?

Why do I need to set up a payment method?

How much does it cost?

Do I need to set up a pilot file for every school I fly with?

Do I need to complete a checkout at every school I fly with?