Your flight school on autopilot.


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Clients Scheduled

Payments Collected

Records Organized

Your current process are putting your school at risk.

You were taught to hand fly raw data right down to the decision height. At night. In weather.

But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

As pilots, we understand the importance of cockpit resource management and how it can improve safety and performance.

Why keep working the hard way? This is a business, not a checkride.

Introducing Flight School Resource Management

Eliminate errors when copying data between documents.

Instead invoices are sent automatically. Payments are collected faster. Your books are always up-to-date. Every flight is dispatched with aircraft, instructor, and client currency validated and confirmed.

No monthly subscription fees

Spend more time doing what you love. Become an advocate for general aviation. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Keep costs down for customers and for you.

Improve the safety and performance of your flight school.

With a duty-bound send of obligation to keep costs down for their customers, many flight school owners like you are using a disjointed patchwork of software and spreadsheets to manage their school.

With FlightRepublic you can reduce workload, eliminate errors, and make sure each flight ends with payment into your bank account. Don’t spend your nights and weekends creating invoices and running credit cards.

It’s time to turn on the autopilot, pour a coffee and be pilot in command.

Know where your aircraft are in real time

Track your aircraft with a live ADSB link

Access your records from any device

Run your school from anywhere, even when flying.

Get paid automatically after every flight

Customers are invoiced and payments collected.

Know where your aircraft are in real time

Access your records from any device

Get paid effortlessly after every flight

Every child dreams of learning to fly.

We believe in the future of general aviation and the vital role flight school owners like you play in saving private aviation for future generations.

As airlines continue to bring training into in-house academies, the shrinking market of people learning to fly for pleasure will raise the cost of flight training for everyone and threaten general aviation’s grass roots infrastructure.

We understand waht people who aren’t planning a career in aviation are looking for, and how to give them the vision and purpose they need to complete their training. We’re here to help you with the tools and messaging you need to simplify your operations, increase your profitability and graduate more pilots, so that our kids and grandkids will be able to enjoy the same freedom to fly that we have and cherish.

How it works

1. Sign up for the directory

2. Connect your Quickbooks

3. Dispatch your first client

Make your flight school a S.T.A.R.

Standardized Terminal Arrival Routes, or STARs, have simplified processes, reduced workload and increased safety  in busy terminal areas for the FAA. You can also enjoy the same benefits of simplifying processes, reducing your workload and increasing safety with FlightRepublic.

Scheduling > Takeoffs > Accounting > Record-Keeping

Make your flight school a STAR and let everyone know you have arrived!

Help us save the future of general aviation.

Flight school owners like you are the key to saving general aviation for future generations. We care about nurturing small airports and general aviation’s infrastructure so that our kids and grandkids will be able to enjoy the same freedom to fly that we have. Which is why we created FlightRepublic, so that instead of catching up on paperwork you can spend your time doing what you do best: creating the next generation of safe and passionate pilots.

How much will FlightRepublic cost me?

Existing scheduling and invoicing systems charge you a monthly fee regardless of whether your airplanes are flying or grounded because of weather or maintenance. We think that’s wrong, which is why we only charge a small transaction fee per flight. So you only pay us when your customers are flying and earning money and not when your aircraft are parked, regardless of how big your school is, how many aircraft you have, or how many instructors you have.

Why should I use FlightRepublic when my school has dispatchers who take care of this already?

Your dispatchers are the first point of contact for your customers. Whether it’s a new customer walking into your school for the first time, or a long-time renter your dispatcher is the best sales tool you have. So why are you paying them to do the jobs we can automate for you when they could be engaging clients on a personal level and growing your business?

What if I already have a scheduling system?

You don’t have to use our scheduler. We can integrate FlightRepublic with most common flight school scheduling systems. But our system manages dispatching process, customer’s pilot files, and accounting systems, so you never dispatch an airplane or pilot without being fully confident that all of your records are up-to-date.

What if I already use Quickbooks?

FlightRepublic integrates with Quickbooks, so your payments are automatically collected, posted to your bank account, invoices and statement automatically emailed, and pilot files and accounts automatically updated.

How do you manage block rates?

Our system lets you decide whether to offer block rates and can automatically track balances in customer accounts. When the balance is getting low, we remind them to top up before they dispatch their flight, so that you are never left with a zero balance mid-flight.

Isn't it cheaper for me to do paperwork in my spare time?

Running a business is hard. Especially a flight school. As pilots, we know how important it is to save the small airports our livelihoods depend on and build relationships with the community. Instead of doing paperwork, imagine if you could use your spare time to plan open houses, host local reporters, and bring more clients in to grow your business?

What if I have a special circumstance you don't feature?

Clients have already asked us to customize scheduling, dispatching, block rates, and fuel surcharge options for their schools. The chances are we can already do what you need. And if not, we’ll build it for you at no additional cost.

What if I want to stop using FlightRepublic?

We don’t believe in holding our customers hostage. We don’t have long contracts, subscription fees or penalties for canceling early. Our goal is to help grow grass roots private flying.

If you want to stop using FlightRepublic, simply login into your Admin Settings, and slide the toggle marked DigitalDispatch to OFF.

That’s it!  Your records will no longer be updated, but they will still be available so you can print out the information to set up new pilot files.

And since we use a transaction fee business model, you will no longer be charged. But if you change your mind, all you need to do is reconnect your bank account and start dispatching again.

The choice to use FlightRepublic is always yours. But if you’re thinking about leaving, all we ask is to let us know why, because we’d like to have a chance to fix it and win you back.

Try it free for 90-days.

Arm the autopilot and discover what Flight School Resource Management feels like!

Don’t hide in the cockpit. Turn on the autopilot. And take a walk down the aisle.


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