Robinson helicopters are often used to build hours with jobs like flight instructor.As a low time pilot, there are several entry-level jobs you can consider to build flight hours and gain valuable experience.

Here are some common low time pilot jobs you should consider:

  1. Flight Instructor: Becoming a flight instructor is a popular choice for low-time pilots. You can work at a flight school and provide instruction to student pilots. Teaching others to fly will enhance your own skills, deepen your understanding of aviation concepts, and allow you to log flight hours while being paid.
  2. Banner Towing: Banner towing involves flying an aircraft that tows advertising banners behind it. This job often requires pilots with relatively low flight hours, and it can provide an opportunity to accumulate flight time while performing a unique and interesting task.
  3. Pipeline and Powerline Patrol: Some companies hire low-time pilots to conduct aerial inspections of pipelines and power lines. These jobs involve flying low and slow along designated routes, visually inspecting for any signs of damage or issues. It’s a good way to gain experience in aerial surveying and observation.
  4. Traffic Watch: Many large cities have companies that provide traffic reports for radio or television stations. They employ pilots to fly over congested areas, reporting on traffic conditions. This job allows you to fly in controlled airspace and improve your radio communication skills.
  5. Part 135 Charter Operations: Some small charter operations may hire low-time pilots to fly small aircraft on short-distance charters. These jobs can provide exposure to various flying conditions and customer service aspects of aviation.
  6. Skydiving Operations: Skydiving centers often employ pilots to fly the aircraft used for skydiving operations. It can be an exciting job that allows you to accumulate flight hours while being involved in a thrilling aviation activity.

Remember that these low time pilot jobs may have specific requirements and prerequisites, so it’s important to research and reach out to the companies or organizations offering these positions. Networking with other pilots, joining aviation associations, and staying active in the aviation community can also help you discover additional opportunities for low-time pilots.