Helicopter Pilot’s License : How to Get One

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Helicopter Pilot’s License : How to Get One

For many people, flying their own helicopter has been a dream since childhood. Fortunately, with some hard work and for about the cost of a new small car, you too can discover the freedom (and the personal responsibility you are given) of flying your own helicopter.

There are three steps you need complete to get your pilot’s license for small planes:

  1. Learn how to control the airplane in three dimensions, before completing your first solo flight
  2. Learn how to navigate, so you can get from Point A to Point B without getting lost
  3. Put it all together for the exam so you can fly with the same standards and safety as the professionals with whom you will be sharing the airspace

Once of the exciting things about learning to fly is the variety of new subjects you will be learn about for the written test. These include:

  • Aerodynamics (how the helicopter flies)
  • Helicopter systems (how the helicopter works)
  • Navigation 
  • Weather
  • Flight planning
  • Communications and using the radio
  • Aviation regulations

If you’re seriously thinking about getting your pilot’s license for helicopters, here’s something to think about: many of the things you’ll be learning are the same for both airplanes and helicopters. The thing is, airplanes are cheaper to train in than helicopters. Pilots who have an airplane license can add on a helicopter license simply by learning to control the machine.
Learning to fly an airplane and getting a helicopter add-on rating costs about the same as getting a pilot’s license to fly helicopters from scratch. Which means you could end up with two pilot licenses for the price of one.
Learning to fly is not hard, but there are a lot of new concepts and ideas you will have to learn about. Some of these things may come easily, while others with be alien and frustrating. Without a strong goal in mind, it can be easy to question whether flying is for you. Download our e-book, 7 Things You Can Do With Your Pilot’s License to give you some inspiration and make sure you cross the finish line.

When you’re ready to fulfill your dream of getting your pilot’s license for helicopters, search our flight school directory to find an place near you and begin your journey to becoming a pilot.

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