When to get a pilot’s license

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When to get a Pilot’s License

For many people, learning to fly is a childhood dream they’ve had their whole life. Which means, it can be difficult to know when to get a pilot’s license or if it’s too late. Since a pilot’s license doesn’t expire, it’s never too late to start fulfilling your childhood dreams of learning to fly.

If you’re still young, you might be thinking about a career as a pilot. It’s hard to start too early: The FAA allows people to solo a glider at fourteen, and an airplane at sixteen, while earning your license a year later. You can even get your instructor’s license and start teaching people to fly at eighteen.

If you’re like most people, however, you’ve probably put your dreams on hold while pursuing a career and raising a family. When the time comes to fulfill your dreams of learning to fly, it’s easy to think it’s too late to start.

It’s true that learning any new activity takes longer to perfect as we get older. That means finding the right instructor is important. You want someone who is patient and understands how to provide variety in your training so you don’t get frustrated so easily.

Although the physical controls used to fly airplanes haven’t changed for one hundred years, the interiors of many new airplanes––like new cars on the road––use sophisticated computers to display information to the pilot. Learning to use one system from another can be like switching between a PC and a Mac. And if you’re like me, this can be a frustrating experience that does nothing to help you get your license. Instead, you might want to choose an airplane with “steam gauges” instead of a “glass cockpit” so you can focus on learning to fly instead of learning to program a computer.

If you’re thinking about when to get your pilot’s license, consider how you’re going to use the airplane. If you think airliners are in your future, use the newest technology available since you will be using sophisticated computers throughout your career. If your goal is to enjoy the scenery on a Saturday morning before lunch, then you don’t need the computer to distract you from the experience.

There’s never a bad time to start thinking about when to get a pilot’s license. When you’re ready to start you can find an instructor in our flight school directory.

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