Which countries accept FAA pilot licenses?

by | FAQs for Beginners

One of the best things about learning to fly is that all countries accept your FAA pilot license. When you get your FAA pilot license, you will be able to fly an FAA registered airplane anywhere in the world.

Because aircraft are so mobile, US-registered aircraft can be found everywhere. To fly a US-registered aircraft you need a US-pilot certificate to show that you have received the necessary training and understand the regulations and standards required to fly the airplane.

Some International pilots choose to keep their aircraft on the FAA-register, and fly them with an American pilot certificate, even if the aircraft is never flown in the USA. 

For many pilots, a lifelong dream is to fly their own small plane around the world. These Earthrounders get to experience flying in many different countries using their FAA pilot licenses.

If the idea of flying around the world is too intimidating, there are organizations that specialize in tours leading groups of pilots flying their own planes South to Central America, North through Canada to Alaska and out to the Caribbean islands. Lots of pilots agree that crossing an International border in their own airplane is the best way to fully realize the potential of personal flying.

If you don’t have your own airplane, or flying across an ocean is too daunting, many countries issue a local pilot license on the basis of your FAA pilot license and a brief transition training course.

Pilots with FAA licenses often do this while exploring the breathtaking scenery found in New Zealand or participating in their own aerial safari flying a small airplane looking at magnificent animals and landscapes in southern Africa.

With a quick checkout and some paperwork, you too can experience what it is like to fly in a different country and explore a new and different part of the world. Planning vacations will never be the same again and you’ll soon end up with a logbook full of memories.

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