5 Reasons to get your pilot license more slowly

by | Intro to Flight School

Explore your world from an airplaneThere are plenty of articles about how to get your pilot license faster, and if you already have a reason to fly it can save you time and money. But if your primary reason for taking flying lessons is to fulfill a long-term dream of learning to fly, here are 5 reasons why you may prefer to get your pilot license more slowly.

Learn how to use a plane, not just fly it

By the time they learn to drive, most people know how to use a car. They watched their parents driving to work, running errands, and setting out for the family vacation. By the time they’re taking their driving test, they understand how a car is a tool to help them get things done.If you didn’t grow up in a family that embraced and used general aviation, you don’t get to see first hand how to use an airplane. Incorporating real-world flying scenarios into your training is the first reason to get your pilot license more slowly.

Buy your instructor lunch at a nearby airport

In today’s rushed world it is tempting to begin your next task as soon as you’ve checked off the first. During the cross-country phase of training, we tend to land at a distant airport only to turn around and fly straight back home. Instead, find a suitable airport with a cafe, museum, or other attraction so that you learn how to research destinations that are worth traveling to.

Become part of the aviation community

Ask your flight school if any of their instructors are members of any volunteer flying organizations. Find out if you can accompany them on a Pilots N Paws or Angel Flight mission. You’ll get to participate in a real-world flying mission and meet other members of the local aviation community.

Try flying different types of aircraft

Once you incorporate flying into your life, you’ll probably start thinking about buying an airplane or sharing one in a partnership. If your flight school has a variety of airplanes on the flight line, try taking a lesson in a different type of airplane, or one with a glass cockpit instead of traditional gauges for example. When the time comes for you to invest in an airplane you’ll already have some thoughts about your preferences and what to look for.

You’re getting your license to fly, not check a box

None of the ideas above will get you your license more quickly, but they will make your training more fun an interesting. And isn’t that why you wanted to learn to fly in the first place. If you don’t already have a need for your license that is driving your goal, then your job during your training is to find one. And the best way to do that is to take the time to explore and get involved with more than the minimum requirements to complete your training.

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