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Re-democratize General Aviation

The pilot population should not be limited to wealthy elites.

Keep Airports Open

Every closed airport decreases access to exciting destinations.

Keep Planes Flying

Planes need to be used to stay available. More pilots = more planes.

The pilot population is shrinking

Every year fewer people take to the skies. The future is of General Aviation is uncertain.

As pilots, flight instructors, flight schools and aviation enthusiasts of all types, we worry that opportunities for flight will continue to diminish.

Every American should have the opportunity to fly.

Hope is not lost.

It’s time for a revolution in General Aviation. A revolution celebrating GA’s rich history while embracing today’s unique opportunities. We believe there could be more pilots in the next generation than in any historical one. But the revolution requires the GA community to work together to bring new pilots into our ranks.

We are convinced that our industry will fly if we work together.

Here’s how you can help GA soar higher than ever:

Accept the challenge

Sign the petition. As more people sign, more will be encouraged to join in.

Engage the community

We are here to open doors of communication and innovation in GA. Meet our community here.

Share what you know

Are you an industry insider? There are future pilots hungry for your insight. Join our community of guides to help them navigate their journey to aviation.

Hi, we’re FlightRepublic

I’m Antoni, an experienced entrepreneur with a background in increasing customer engagement with technology. I’m a pilot, and my mission is to use my skills to develop tools to save an industry I love.

My team and I are creating tools to help students find and complete flight training programs. We are working with industry insiders like you to increase the pilot population.

I am convinced that, together, we can revolutionize General Aviation for the next generation of pilots.

Recent Posts from our Blog

You’re not going to let GA die.

At FlightRepublic we know that you are ready to assume a position of leadership and shape the future of flight training. The problem is you feel confined by the status quo, unable to change a system that isn’t working. It’s time for a new generation to step up for the industry to thrive again.

Like you, we believe the systems you use should help you achieve your dreams.

I’m Antoni, and experienced entrepreneur with a background in increasing customer engagement with technology. As a pilot who loves general aviation, I want to use my skills to develop tools to save an industry I care about deeply.

We’re here to help your flight school succeed.

As pilots we are facing an unprecedented challenge, unlike any in aviation’s brief history. The Wright Brothers, Lindbergh, Yeager, and Armstrong––the young eagles who pioneered and advanced this great industry––could never imagine a time when people wouldn’t be fascinated by flight and make the effort to earn their license.

This challenge is tough. And the lessons we learn as we free ourselves from the constraints of the status quo and lead clients to fulfilling their dreams will make our industry stronger and more accessible.

This is our opportunity to recognize that general aviation is not dying, it is changing. In order to survive, we will find new ways to meet and serve our clients.

Flight schools are on the front lines creating tomorrow’s pilots. One day, when we have achieved a new golden age of general aviation, you will hand the keys of your school to your children and say, our success was forged in the crucible of the technology revolution. 


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