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The pilot population is shrinking

Every year fewer people complete their training to earn their license and fulfill their dreams of flight. With flight schools relying on the cyclical demands of the airline industry for customers, the future is uncertain.

Stop being confined by the shackles of tradition. Customer tastes have changed in the last fifty years and you shouldn’t have to struggle because the status quo is no longer working.

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Help your clients find their purpose through flying and realize their childhood dreams.

Do you have the digital tools you need to survive?

According to Redbird Flight Simulations¹, flight schools that aren’t prepared to reach an increasingly digitally savvy audience are going to struggle.

The larger [flight training organizations] strengthened in 2020, and the smaller ones weakened. Without substantial changes, this trend is likely to continue in 2021, and many small and independent providers will be acquired or go out of business. … As the consumer base for flight training shifts younger and more digitally savvy, this area will continue to factor into who wins and loses in the industry.

¹Redbird Flight Simulations – The State of Flight Training 2021

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We think it’s time for a renaissance in general aviation and we know the success of flight schools are essential for that to happen. Our team of developers and marketers are here to support you as you graduate more pilots.

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  • Your pilot files are always up-to-date and secure

Simplify your accounting.

Fully integrated invoicing securely collects payments and integrates with your accounting software

  • Automated payment processing saves you time creating invoices and running credit cards
  • Trusted Stripe integration protects you from the risks of ID theft and storing credit cards numbers
  • Offline Mode – Keep accepting payment even if your WiFi goes out

Redbird’s Ominous Prediction. What Will You Do?

Redbird's Ominous Prediction. What Will You Do? Redbird’s summary of the impacts of COVID-19 in their report, The State of Flight Training 2021 says, The larger [flight training organizations] strengthened in 2020, and the smaller ones weakened. Without...

Keep more clients.

Get the data and insight you need to engage and keep clients for longer with an easy to read Instrument Panel.

  • See where your clients are struggling
  • Discover how your business is operating
  • Validate changes to improve your process
  • Create enthusiastic returning customers

You didn’t start this business to sit behind a desk.

Use technology to manage your paperwork so you can get out from behind a desk and back into the cockpit.

  • DigitalDispatch flight releases via text messages
  • No apps or software required for you or your clients
  • Records are automatically updated after every flight
  • Invoices are created and customers charged

Grow the pilot population

Features to help engage clients and grow the pilot population

Build a relationship with clients with staged communications.

Our technology tracks customer progress when they fly with you and emails them timely and customized information.

  • Help students prepare for the next stage of training
  • Congratulate students on completing milestones
  • Remind clients of expiring medicals and currency

Supercharge your social media.

Integrate your social media feeds to automate posts so that your communications are always fresh and exciting.

  • Use dispatch data to automatically post client milestones to your social media
  • Build a thriving community of engaged pilots around your school
  • Leverage your marketing and engage new customers with a lively social media presence

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How much is your student pilot dropout rate costing you? How many potential clients are you losing because they aren’t engaged in their training?

How many of your students are struggling to find the reason they should be flying?

How many people are giving up on their dream of learning to fly because they’re confused by your process?

Can new clients understand why you’re the best flight school for them?

The thing is, a lack of engagement may already be costing you a great deal.

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