Redbird’s Ominous Prediction. What Will You Do?

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Redbird’s Ominous Prediction. What Will You Do?

Redbird’s summary of the impacts of COVID-19 in their report, The State of Flight Training 2021 says,

The larger [flight training organizations] strengthened in 2020, and the smaller ones weakened. Without substantial changes, this trend is likely to continue in 2021, and many small and independent providers will be acquired or go out of business.

They explain the reason for this is

… the reliance of Independent Flight Instructors on word-of-mouth and walk-in marketing for new business. In a world of lockdowns, a more sophisticated digital marketing model is a requirement.

In general, [flight training organizations] ranked their websites and social media channels as far more impactful than [independent CFIs] did. As the consumer base for flight training shifts younger and more digitally savvy, this area will continue to factor into who wins and loses in the industry.

Independent flight school owners, just like you, are vital to the future of general aviation. While larger schools have the systems in place necessary to train tomorrow’s airline pilots, we also need to create new recreational pilots if we plan to keep general aviation’s infrastructure healthy and prevent small airports being turned into shopping malls.

At FlightRepublic, we know you are already wearing many hats, and don’t have the time to take on even more roles. We understand how important it is for independent flight schools to be able to compete and thrive in a changing market. Which is why we have created the systems and tools you need to implement an automated sales funnel.

Step 1 – The first step is a directory listing, that helps you rise above the clutter so your school can be found quickly and easily.

Step 2 – Next an email nurture sequence guides customers to an intro flight, and gives them the clarity they need to find a mission and purpose in their flying, based on their stage of training or renting.

Step 3 – Finally we give you a custom dashboard to clearly interpret your  data, so you can see where your process is working, and where it still needs some work.

Like you, we recognize that independent flight schools are critical to general aviation’s future.

The changes we are seeing today will continue to accelerate as smaller schools are bought out or disappear. To survive as a flight instructor going forward, you need to be able to create or implement tools like FlightRepublic to reach consumers where they are most active: online.

Start creating your digital marketing strategy today. Add your school to the FlightRepublic flight school directory now.

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