Do you have the data you need to build your dream flight school?

by | Understand Your KPIs

Like you, we know that to fly safely in the clouds you need the right instruments to guide you. To build your dream flight school you also need to know where you are and where you’re going. Because of this, we’ve developed tools you need to get more customers to their destination from intro flight to checkride.

Over the last fifty years, customer tastes have changed and the training process has not kept up! Without clearly understanding where in the process you are losing students, it is hard to find the solutions you need to keep those clients.  

FlightRepublic’s DigitalDispatch not only makes it easier to dispatch flights and manage your files, it also tracks individual student progress, so you can easily see how your clients are progressing through the training funnel. You can use this information to attack roadblocks and celebrate successes, giving your school an edge over the competition.  

For instance, if you see that you have a lot of intro flights that are not converting to training flights, its time to explore what brought customers to your school, and find out why they’re not coming back.

After all, most of your marketing efforts are spent bringing in customers for their first visit. If you have an instructor who consistently gets their students to solo it’s time to find out what they are doing right so that your other instructors can benefit from their success.

On the other hand, if you’re losing students after solo, perhaps you need to help your customers find a mission: a desire to fly is often not enough to get a student from intro flight to checkride.  

Many students don’t appreciate how much time is spent honing their skills and technique in preparation for the checkride. They can often get discouraged and frustrated, thinking they already have met all the requirements needed to complete their training.

Taking the time to clarify the process and explain how your school prides itself on graduating safe and professional pilots can often bridge the gap.

This is another good time to involve the rest of the family who will be flying with and trusting in the training you provided to your student.  

At what stage of the training do you start to include the rest of the family?

The insights you gain from the right data will make it easy for you to help more clients complete their journey to fulfill their dreams of learning to fly. With the right data you will spend less time wondering why customers are quitting and more time focused on sharing your passion for flight and providing industry-leading customer service.

You can be proud knowing that you are shaping the future of flight training for the next generation of customers and like the pioneers that came before you, you will be doing your part to help grow the pilot population.

Effortlessly automate your operations. Turn on the autopilot, pour a coffee and become pilot in command of your school with FlightRepublic today.