Why you should personalize your flight school listing

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Why you should enhance your flight school listing

Some time ago, soon after the 2008 financial crisis, I was helping a student pilot look for a flight school. They had just completed their first solo in a Diamond DA40 when their school closed down at short notice. Obviously we needed to quickly find a new school fast, so they could keep their momentum going and continue their training.

Since he was based in Los Angeles, there were plenty of airports and schools nearby. We found several schools on Google and given the critical stage of his training, we wanted to find one training in a G1000 equipped DA40. Many of the schools didn’t list their rental fleets online, and a quick phone call often resulted in a message saying “the number you have dialed is no longer in service.”

As time dragged on, the student pilot lost interest and ended up giving up on flying entirely. We lost not just another ambassador for general aviation, but also the family and friends they could have introduced to flying.

That experience eventually led me to create FlightRepublic’s flight school directory. Being able to easily find verified flight schools nearby will help people take the first steps to start training. But because of my experience looking for a flight school for my friend, I know that more detail would make it even better.

Looking back though, I wish it would have been possible to search for a flight school by aircraft make and model; find ones equipped with a glass cockpit or training with a simulator; or offering ground school or FAA knowledge testing.

Our new enhanced directory listing makes all that possible and more, so you can be sure clients are looking for a school just like yours.

We know you’re busy, which is why we’ve put together a 5-step process to quickly enhance your listing. In less than fifteen minutes you can:

  1. Share the amenities you offer
  2. List your aircraft
  3. Liven up your listing with photos
  4. Display your business hours
  5. Describe your school to clients
Adding an aircraft is as quick and simple: just enter the N-number. We search the FAA databases and find all of the relevant information for you.

So you’re probably wondering, hey Antoni, why do you call it an enhanced listing, instead of an upgraded listing?

Well, here’s the thing, I want general aviation to grow and to do that we need to find and excite as many clients as possible about flying. I want all of the schools in the directory to take advantage of these features and for that reason your enhanced listing is still FREE forever.

That’s right! This is not an upgraded listing you pay extra for, it’s an enhancement to your existing free listing so you don’t just get more clients but you also get the right clients.