Tutorial: How to list your flight school in the FlightRepublic directory

Directory Listing

How to list your flight school in the FlightRepublic directory

You’ve decided to take the first step to implementing a digital sales funnel, and you’re ready to rise above the clutter and help clients find you. Now you need to list your school in the FlightRepublic directory. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1
  1. Go to https://my.flightrepublic.com/directory_onboarding
Step 2
  • Enter your school name, address and airport information. (After all, we need to know where your school is, so we can help clients find their nearest airport.)
    • If your school has more than one location, click add new location and enter the information for each additional airport location you want to list.
  • Add your email and phone number information so customers can contact you through the directory and we can verify your listing (we send you a reminder email every 90-days to keep you at the top of the list).
  • Share other ways clients can learn more about you and your school, like adding your Facebook page or webpage.
  • Tell clients what kind of training you provide. This helps make sure your school rises to the top of the list when clients are looking for a specific type of training such as a seaplane or gyroplane rating.
Step 3
  1. Click the List My Flight School button. We’ll confirm your school has been added to the directory, and give you a link to follow. We’ll also send an email to the address you provided to make sure that your reverification emails are being sent to the correct address.

Click the link in the email we sent you so that you can be sure to receive our reverification emails every 90-days and keep your listing verified and fresh!

Tips to get the best results!

Many customers already know what kind of training they are looking for, so any extra details you can add to the optional Training Offered section will increase the number of qualified leads you get.

We know that many flight school owners just like you don’t have the time necessary to maintain a fully-staffed online digital presence. We understand that many schools are worried that they won’t be able to compete in an increasingly digital marketplace, which is why we’ve created directory pages that can do double-duty as your web page as well.

Want to get even more out of your FREE directory listing?

We’ve designed our directory listing to work like a webpage marketing your flight school. After you have added your school to the directory, continue to improve your listing with even more detail. Add aircraft, features, amenities, a description of your school, and photographs to bring your school to life!

Still need help setting up your flight school in the directory? Call me at (737) 808-2359 for help.