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Chart your own course as a pilot
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Understand the Process

Establish Clear Goals

Realize a Dream

Have you ever

Started and given up on flight training?

Felt disappointed by the experience of learning to fly?

Been frustrated wasting time and money on flying lessons?

Looked up at the sky and wished you were up there?

Wondered why you couldn’t just ‘get it done?’

Wondered what it might have been like to get your license?

You’re not satisfied with being stuck on the ground

Don’t be held back. You were designed for more.

Do you own a flight school?

Clients are looking for you. Help them find your school with a verified listing in our searchable flight school directory.

Find your purpose through flying

Grow your business

Aviation can help you expand your area of operations, be more responsive to clients and leverage your team. Discover how learning to fly can grow your business.

Enjoy time with family

Stop wasting time in traffic or airport lounges. Aviation lets you access thousands of airports making travel simpler so you can spend more time with family.

Discover new horizons

Give back by volunteering. See the country from a new perspective. Challenge yourself with flying new aircraft. Satisfy your competitive spirit with aero sports.

We understand how frustrating flying lessons can be

Since 2015 we’ve been dedicated to helping clients realize their dreams of learning fly


We help you go beyond fulfilling a dream and discover your mission through flying.


We help you understand where you are in the process of earning your certificate.


We introduce you and help you become part of the broader aviation community.

We don’t teach you to fly. We teach you how to use your license.

Learn to fly with FlightRepublic and watch your horizons grow

1. Find a school

Affiliated flight schools use our process to help you find your purpose through flying.

2. Set your goals

Turn your dreams into reality by setting goals and developing an action plan.

3. Earn your license

Train and pass your exam. There’s nothing like your first flight as a licensed pilot.

You’re not going to let your dreams die.

A complex training process with obscure goals leaves student pilots confused and wondering why they’re taking flying lessons. FlightRepublic gives people the clarity and confidence they need to establish their goals, find their mission, and realize their dreams of learning to fly.

At FlightRepublic we know you are a driven visionary who is used to making things happen. Which is why you need to fulfill your dream of learning to fly. The problem is a complex training process with obscure goals, which leaves you feeling confused and unsure about why you’re pursuing your dream.

We believe dreams are meant to be realized. We understand how unfamiliar aviation is for new piots, which is why we’ve been helping clients realize their dreams since 2015.

Here’s how we do it. Find a FlightRepublic affiliated flight school. Discover how flying will help you achieve your goals. Earn your pilot certificate. So find a school today. And in the meantime, download our ebook, Five Reasons to Earn Your Pilot Certificate. So you can stop wondering what might have been and instead make your dreams a reality.

We know you want to be a champion for aviation. We're more than a directory. Helping flight schools succeed is the core of our mission. Find out how we help flight school owners like you graduate more pilots.

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